Top reasons why managers are happy to have tracking software

Having solid and authentic tracking software which can monitor the employees and help in enhancing the performance of these employees is an effective solution for the managers. This software has helped the managers in monitoring, tracking and controlling various tasks assigned to the employees. Managers are very happy to utilize it and here are the top reasons for so-

1-They can easily monitor the websites and URL’s that employees visit instead of performing their job responsibilities, providing the extraordinary attention to its appropriateness during the working hours.

2-Login and Logout time are imperative information while following employee’s physical presence at work. In large organizations, where the business steering is less personal, tracking the employees automatically is more convenient.

3- There arise many situations where an employee has logged in, but they are not performing their responsibilities as per the need. At this phase, managers get the details of idle computer times of their staff. This data enables them to calculate the actual workability.

4- Figuring payrolls on the premise of productive working hours is another pattern of fruitful organizations. Managers would prefer not to be deceived by the employees who approach their associates to sign in for them. Just active time of the employees will be undertaken for salary.

5- The consciousness of staff about their managers getting details regarding their informal communication, the Internet use and so forth – increase their productivity. Nobody needs to get into irrelevant nominations, which makes them more self-sorted and work appropriately.

Trackurstaff provides comprehensive reports of-

  • Log-in/Log-out details
  • Websites surf
  • Login hours
  • Total number of projects
  • Active/Idle timings of employees
  • Progress of projects

Leaves details

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