How you can enhance the productivity of your employees

In today’s scenario, almost every organization is concerned about the employee management and they are always finding ways to enhance their productivity as well as to monitor the tasks they are working on.  Although it seems easy to track the employees with using cameras or supervisors but actually it is a bit hassle job. To free the manager from the burden of keeping an eye on each employee, a good option is Trackurstaff.

Before going ahead how this software can be helpful, you need to know the concerns like-

  • Monitoring functionality of Employees

In every organization, it is quite obvious that employees will spend their time in doing their personal tasks or you can say wasting their time on less important tasks. Spending time on frivolous websites will seriously hamper productivity. 

  • Management of projects

In IT the world, not an individual work on a project but a team does and also there are lot many projects and related information which required to managed and synchronized at each stage. For the managers, it becomes difficult to cross- check with the team every time for the progress of projects.

  • Time tracking

Another failed venture that is most common is the lack of time tracking. Managers are too busy with their own tasks and meetings that they don’t have enough time to look around if employees are filling out their worksheets daily as per the guidelines.

How TrackurStaff helps

1-Increased in the functionality of employees- Trackurstaff ensures that you get the most scalable, accurate and stable time tracking of software usage, log-in/log-out. As it records the keystrokes and mouse clicks so it reveals whether the employee is working or idle. Due to its feature of taking snapshots, you can also watch if employees are distracted from the assigned task which as a result gives exponential rise in employee’s functionality.

2-Easy management of the projects- It gives you ease of managing projects because you can enlist them as well as watch out the progress of the projects at one place. Apart from this, you can also increase/decrease the project timings as and when required.

3-Accurate time tracking-With the help of TrackurStaff, it becomes convincible to track the employee hours on different projects, look-up on total time spent on each project and making a quantitative assumption of project duration as well as leaves, holidays and half days.

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